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Creative and energetic marketing professional with 4 years' experience in: channel and digital marketing, campaign management, and GTM strategy. 

Paul Jaurequi

Vice President of Sales, Vinci Brands, CA

"Lauren is a well-respected project manager, authoring SOPs and implementing process to streamline efforts and maximize ROI. A natural leader, Lauren communicates with confidence and humility, gaining the respect of her team, colleagues, and C-suite leaders.


Lauren's ability to create authentic personal connections is not limited to internal groups; Lauren is a stellar external communicator and well-recognized by senior leaders in our Fortune 500 customer base. Often I bounce sales strategies and pitch proposal approaches by her because I respect her insight and point of view.....Lauren is warm, relatable, and driven, with strong leadership skills, who cares deeply about the work she produces, a true asset to any team and organization."

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