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Survivor, Refined Rugged

Digital go-to-market campaign for the release of the new iPhone 12 series (2020) and the launch of Survivor's case assortment available online at Verizon and Survivor.

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7.34M Combined Impressions
31% + Brand Awareness YoY
33% + Engagements YoY
1.4% Combined CTR

This campaign was focused on Survivor and Verizon's KPIs of building brand awareness, traffic, and conversions, with the strategy outlined into 3 verticals; Digital, Media, and Partnerships.

Digital strategy started by identifying the brand's persona's; Renegade, Outdoor Seeker, and Everyday Seeker. Renegade was our aspirational persona - classic-modern aesthetic with an extreme/adventurous lifestyle, would be needing our most protective case. The Outdoor Seeker is has an adventurous spirit who likes to map out their next experience, they would probably look for a moderately protective case. Lastly, the Everyday Seeker, who see's everyday life as the adventure, they would be looking for minimal protection. With these personas identified, I then focused on optimizing the brand's online DTC messaging by creating enhanced product pages that connected the personas to the highlighted features and benefits of the product, allowing the audience to identify the best solution for them.

Media was focused on amplifying the brand and release of the new product assortment (available at Verizon). Achieved this through PR, earned media, and social, as well as paid media partnerships like Gear Patrol, Cool Material, Uncrate, Blister, and 9to5Mac. These types of placements helped drive traffic to Verizon and Survivor through links and digital ads.

Third vertical, Partnerships. I launched an ambassador program as well as an influencer program that worked both with Micro and Macro influencers to build a trusted and authentic audience. Other activations included giveaways to build up the brands social following, while capturing leads for email campaigns.

This project will always have a special place in my career because it was the first full GTM campaign I owned from start to finish, resulting in my advancement into my Marketing Manager position. Until then, Survivor had no social or prior online presence. In 2021, Survivor broke away from its parent brand, Griffin Technology, with a position to compete within the rugged case space. I can say, working on this brand for two years was a fun challenge for myself. I personally didn't fit the audience profile, but my ability to tap into the mind of the consumer and create meaningful stories and experiences within the brand was rewarding and made the campaign success that more meaningful.

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