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Survivor, Protect Where You Play

Digital go-to-market campaign for the release of the new iPhone 13 series (2021) and the launch of Survivor's case assortment.

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+62% Revenue Growth YoY
+49% Units Sold YoY
+46% Impressions YoY

In 2021, Survivor launched their case assortment line that was made from recycled materials. It was exciting to see the company and brand take steps towards reducing plastic waste.

The brand pivoted its previous strategy from masculine and rugged to lifestyle and cause-based messaging. Protect Where You Play was still driven from that adventurous spirt we had built into the brand, but added a meaningful layer our audience and consumer could feel good being apart of. Simply put, not only are we committed to protecting the device you carry and use to capture your wildest moments, but we are pledging to prioritize the environment you play in by reducing our carbon footprint.

Goals for this campaign was to continue to build new audiences, drive traffic through on-going earned and paid media placements, social amplification and ads, as well as participate in on-going environmental activations to show the brands commitment and encourage our followers to get involved.

Through the year long campaign, Survivor participated in planting 500k trees, launched a post-consumer recycling program, and donated to protect our lands through non-profits like the Surf Rider Foundation and National Parks Foundation.

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