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Incase, Lanyard - Intentional Security. Simplicity Redefined.

New product introduction in partnership and support of partner's device launch.

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Sold 3X Initial Forecast

Exceeded revenue goal by 200%

I had the great pleasure of working closely with the Apple product team throughout this project. It was fast-paced with multi-cross functional members internally and externally that all played an intricate part in this launch. I was placed as an internal co-project manager, led and executed the GTM strategy, and provided daily operations status to our external partners.

This campaign was focused both on Incase and Apple's KPIs of increased web traffic and conversions, sell thru, and increase in brand awareness surrounding the product and device launch (AirPods Pro, 2nd gen).

I developed 3 touchpoints within the campaign that supported Incase's DTC, Social, and PR Strategy, as well as Apple's goals to build awareness and drive traffic to their stores and site. Touchpoints consisted of PR announcement and on-going media outreach, social amplification across multiple verticals, content storytelling around the functionality and use case scenarios, and email outreach.

Not only did our launch exceeded our expected revenue goal by 200%, but we received compliments from our Apple partners who were impressed by our cross-functional execution of the project from start to finish.

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